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Creating animated flash files

-please be free to add information and simpler possibilities or to correct mistakes-

This Tutorial demonstrates how to transfer a DAVID-made *.obj file to an animated *.swf flash file. The mesh will do a simple 360° turn in a format ready to publish in the WWW, e.g at DAVID-wiki.

The used softwares, “Blender” and the “Free-Video-To-Flash-Converter” from, are freeware and can be downloaded at:

Blender is a mighty tool, with many options to create 3D environments. Here we´ll concentrate on the basic animation. If you are interested in creating light- and surface-effects visit and their tutorials.

Importing *.obj

Blender opens with 3 objects: A cam, a lamp, a cube.

The Cube is marked with the pink boarder. You mark an object with click RMB.

Erase the cube with the standard erase key of your keyboard.

With the “1”,”3”,”7” keys of your numerical keyboard you choose the view “front” “side” and “top”-view.


Blender's file browser opens: (folders:white; files:black; “P”: switch to parent folder)

Browse and mark your *.obj-file with click.-1-

Click “Import a Wavefront OBJ”-2-

Confirm following dialog with “OK”

It may last a little while, but your object appears in Blender's 3D view.

Adding a path

Make sure that you are in Object Mode and in topview.

Click:Object/Transform/Ob Data to center.-1-

Your object is centered to the origin now.

Deselect your object with the “A”-key of your keyboard

Click on the point where you wish to have the rotation's axe.-1-

Your insert marker jumps to this point.


A circle around your insert mark appears.

Make sure that you are in Edit mode -1-,

and the edit panel is open -2-.

Transform the circle to a invisible path by clicking “Curve Path”-3- and “3D”-4- down.

Set the “Path Len-value”-5-. This value determines how many frames are needed for a 360° turn.

Switch to Object Mode-6-

Deselect the circle with the “A”-key of your keyboard.

Select FIRST your object (click RMB) -1-

THAN the circle (shift+ click RMB)-2-.

Click:Object/Parent/Make Parent -3-

Click:”Follow Path” in the appearing Window.

Now your object turns 360° in an animated rendered movie.

Cam position and render settings

Now check the cam's position

Click: View/Camera -1-

If necessary move the camera:

Jump to top-view (Num-key “7”) to move in X or Z, to frontview (Num-key “1”) to move in Y. Maybe you have to zoom out (scroll wheel). Mark the camera (click RMB). With dragging one of the colored arrows you move the cam in its direction.

Change to View/Camera to see your changes. Continue untill you are satisfied.

Setting the Render options:

Switch on the “Scene”- Panel.-1-

Type or browse the path, where blender stores the rendered animation (similar import process).-2-

Put in the value previous set in the “Path Len” (see above) to render only one turn - that's enough .-3-

Choose the Format “AVI raw”.-4-

Run a test rendering.-5-

Adding more light

Switch to top-view

Click on the place were you wish to add a light.-1-

Click Add/Lamp/Lamp (or an other light)to add a lightsource to the scene.-2-

Render to check lightconditions again.-3-

If necessary move the lights (mark with RMB, move by dragging the arrows) or add another. When you are pleased finaly click ANIM to render the whole sequence.-4-

Blender stores the movie while rendering. It needs some time to render - be patient. Now you may store your project or simply quit Blender. Your AVI is stored seperatly.

Converting to Flash

You'll find it named as “0001_0100.avi” (the second value is equal the number of frames). Give the Avi a significant name (here):“Tutor”

Open “Free-Video-to-Flash-Converter”.

Browse the “Input video file” and choose your AVI.-1-

The output video file is generated automatically to the same folder ( you may change it).

Set “SWF” as format.

Choose the resolution in “Presets” not bigger than needed.-2-

Click “convert” and quit program when process ended.

“Free-Video-to-Flash-Converter” has generated 2 files: A html-page and the flashfile named “Tutor_new.swf”. You need only the *.swf to load the flash to a wiki.

Upload to DAVID-Wiki

To load your flash visit DAVID-Wiki and please log in.

Create a new or edit an existing page.

Put your cursor to the position where you want to add your flash.

Click the icon “Add images and other files”.-1-

A new Window pops up.

Browse your file.-1-

Click “upload”-2-

Your file appeares in the upload window.

Click it and it is added to the page.-3-

Change its code to “yourside:tutor_new.swf?320×240” to get the wished size (if it´s 320×240).

Click “preview” to view your flash.

Finally click “save”. Your Flash appeares on the page.


Good luck!


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