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2014-07-28: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.10.4


  • Avoid some (rare) problems with DAVID-CAM-3.1-M

2014-07-10: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.10.3


  • SL: Avoid distortion with some projector models
  • Updated Canon ED-SDK to version 2.14
  • Updated GUI translation in various languages


  • Motorscanning: don't AutoStop when reference scan begins too late
  • Texturing: Remember White Balancing correctly
  • some smaller bugfixes

2014-03-27: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.10.0

New features:

  • dedicated Hardware Setup profiles for SLS-1 and SLS-2


  • Camera: Improved compatibility to various camera models
  • 3D View: Improved display of textured scans
  • SL: Optimized profiles “default”, “quality”, “speed”
  • Shapefusion: Fusion can be cancelled
  • Shapefusion: Cleaning tool remains active when visibility of scans is changed


  • Camera: Remember camera format settings correctly
  • Shapefusion: Fixed Global Fine Registration and TextureFusion for >64 scans
  • some minor bug fixes

2013-10-24: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.9.1

New features:

  • SL: optional filter for calib.panels (AdvancedSettings→StructuredLight/ResultFiltering/RemoveCalibPlanesAndBeyond)


  • Fixed problem that 64-bit version would not start on some computers
  • Fixed “Uncombine” after cleaning
  • Fixed LicenseUpgrader

2013-10-01: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.9.0

New features:

  • SL: “Auto. Add to List” option
  • Add to List: Option “Align to Previous Scan”
  • Fusion resolution: Show resulting “vertex spacing”
  • If license not ok, show warning at startup
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Shapefusion tools (Esc, Alt+1, Alt+2, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Y, Alt+I)
  • Laserscanning: AutoStop option (Advanced Setting “AutoStopTimeout”)


  • More precise projector calibration
  • Improved Fusion
  • Fusion: “Resolution” setting is now a slider
  • SL: If there is only one screen, show warning but no patterns
  • Show tooltips also on disabled menu items
  • Contact Pair Selection: Larger mouse pick radius (red circle)
  • Saving with texture: Avoid non-ASCII characters in file names
  • Screenshot function (F12) “flashes”
  • Screenshot filenames: Hour from 0-23, not just 0-11
  • Improved Tool Tips
  • Cleaning Tool: Warn/Ask before removing scans entirely, then remove those from list


  • Remember and try to restore FPS setting of camera
  • Avoid degenerated triangles in Fusion result
  • Avoid crashes when a scan is empty
  • Fixed user cancel during scan import
  • Fixed sending COM messages “Mode…”
  • a few other small fixes

2013-06-13: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.8.1

New Features:

  • Turkish localization


  • Removed an inoperable submenu
  • Fixed COM command “Save” when used in Texturing menu

2013-06-11: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.8.0

New Features:

  • Screenshot function (press F12) for 3D View, plus entry in Settings menu
  • Chinese localization
  • Czech localization
  • Estonian localization
  • French localization
  • Polish localization
  • User Confirmation dialogs before closing DAVID and removing scans
  • New Advanced Setting “Pattern Color” for SL
  • New Advanced Setting “PreventProcessorIdleState” to avoid dropping camera frame rate (Vista, 7 or 8 only)


  • Show status bar infos about current progress
  • Changed mouse pointer icon while progress is running
  • Cancel button during calibration and scanning
  • Show Projector Brightness setting as number


  • some minor bugs fixed

2013-03-14: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.7.1


  • Updated Canon EOS SDK to version 2.12.0, 32-bit


  • Changed default installation directory for 64-bit version, in order to solve update problems from 32-bit to 64-bit (missing user settings and license). The 64-bit version is now installed in the same directory as the 32-bit version.

2013-03-02: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.7.0

New Features:

  • 64-bit version (but without Canon EOS support)
  • New filter “Quality Check”, removes imprecise scan data
  • Alignment option “Contact Pair Selection”
  • 3D View: Buttons for show/hide texture, edges, normals
  • COM: New outgoing messages red, green, blue during texture grabbing with monochrome camera


  • Improved overall performance
  • Shapefusion: Improved performance of Alignment (multi-core support)
  • Shapefusion: Improved performance of Fusion (multi-core support)
  • 3D View: Improved performance of 3D view, selection tool
  • Calibration: More helpful error messages
  • Calibration: Immediately save successful camera and projector calibration to /Settings files
  • GUI: Some minor improvements
  • GUI: Improved progress bar, and use it more often


  • 3D View: Fixed visualization of old calibration corner/pattern
  • Shapefusion: Fixed “smooth scans” function
  • Shapefusion: Fixed undo/redo for manual (CTRL key) scan movements
  • COM: Fixed sending messages about grabbing/erasing texture
  • Licensing: Fixed rare bug in license validation
  • Camera: Fixed 'frame reduction problem after PC standby' with DAVID-CAM-3-M
  • Camera: Fixed format dropdown menu

2012-12-07: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.6.0

New Features:

  • SL: One-click calibration of whole scanner (camera, projector, white balance)
  • SL: Project grid on calib.corner after calibration
  • SL: Load and save for complete calibration
  • Russian localization
  • Italian localization
  • Support for new DAVID_CAM_3_M


  • Faster and more robust SL scanning
  • Texturing: Improved White Balancing
  • Faster OBJ import


  • Improved Canon EOS support
  • Fixed some issues with 3D view on certain GPUs
  • SL: Fixed scanning with ImageGrabber
  • COM: Fixed remembering “COM Enabled” for SL scanning

2012-10-15: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.5.1


  • Simplified auto-update


  • Fixed possible issue with Logitech webcams (restoring properties)

2012-10-10: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.5.0

New Features:

  • German localization
  • Texturing: Color texturing with monochrome cameras (SL mode only)
  • Texturing: Auto white balance
  • SL: Noise Reduction setting (no smoothing, but reducing scan speed)
  • SL: Save pattern sequence images to files (RMB on pattern projection window)
  • Shapefusion: Higher Fusion accuracy (“Refinement”) in Pro Edition
  • Shapefusion List of Scans: Added “Fast save” button
  • Shapefusion List of Scans: Buttons for select/unselect all, show/hide all
  • COM: New command “Save”


  • Simplified GUI, especially around SL scanning (still work in progress)
  • Camera: Show all color formats in dropdown
  • SL: Improved projector calibration (avoid cases of strongly distorted scans)
  • SL: Faster projector calibration
  • SL: Increase scanning speed
  • SL: Reduced scan noise in “High Quality” preset (ImageStacking)
  • SL: Start with better “default camera properties”
  • SL: New Setup pattern (chessboard style sine waves) for easier setup
  • Shapefusion: Improved Alignment precision and speed (both Coarse and Fine Registration)
  • Shapefusion: Avoid unnecessarily moving scans downward in “Arrange”
  • Hardware Setup: Removed “Custom” (for experts: EnableCOM and LaserMotionType now in Advanced Settings)
  • Debug console: reduced output spam
  • Unified design of message boxes
  • 3D View: New partition circle style


  • Laser scanning: Fixed scanning with large calib.scale
  • SL: Fixed top row buttons “Add to list” and “Save”
  • Shapefusion: Fixed possible crash in alignment with “Use Texture”
  • Shapefusion: Fixed 3D view of “duplicated” scans

2012-06-05: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.4.0

New Features:

  • Texturing Menu: New buttons “Add to list” and “Save…”
  • Licensing: USB Version can be started from HDD as long as original USB key is plugged in


  • Improved top menu bar (clear separations, some new buttons, show only currently relevant items, always show Camera Exposure, etc)
  • Structured Light: Simplified menu, removed unnecessary settings and popups
  • Structured Light: Improved projected Setup pattern (including gray planes that help set the camera focus)
  • Structured Light: Delete previous texture on Start
  • Laserscanning Menu: “Erase Scan” now also erases the texture
  • 3D View: “Auto” button moved to Advanced Settings
  • 3D View: Avoid scene elements obscuring camera image view
  • Camera compatibility: Improved for more camera models
  • Camera compatibility: Precise setting of exposure time for Logitech cameras
  • Camera Properties: “EnableHandingForStructuredLight” now ON by default
  • Improved camera compatibility
  • Camera Calibration: More robust detection of “outer vs. inner corner”
  • Updated Canon EOS SDK to version 2.10
  • Remember window state “maximized”/“normal”


  • Fixed default camera properties for DAVID CCD Cams
  • Stability fixes for 3D view
  • 3D View: Fixed showing live camera view when texture is switched off (key “T”)
  • 3D View: Fixed rare bug in red BoundingBoxes
  • COM: Fixed AddToList to work in Texturing Menu
  • COM: Fixed motor scanning with “Uniform Motion”

2012-03-02: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.3.0

New Features:

  • Camera Calibration: Auto-detect “outer/negative corner” vs. “inner/normal corner” setup on Calibration (Advanced Settings→Camera→Calibration→AutoDetectCalibCornerSetup)
  • Camera Calibration: Auto-detect and compensate “misplaced” calibration patterns (Advanced Settings→Camera→Calibration→CompensatePatternOffsets)
  • Camera Calibration: Option to auto-detect and compensate rotated calibration patterns (Advanced Settings→Camera→Calibration→CompensatePatternRotInPlane) - use with care!
  • Laserscanning: Show detected laser line in depth map
  • Laserscanning: Slider for changing display refresh rate during scanning
  • Shapefusion: Option to use texture in alignment
  • Shapefusion: New selection tool “Connected Components Selection”
  • List of Scans: Allow changing order of scans by up/down buttons
  • List of Scans: Ctrl+S for “Show all Scans” and Ctrl+h for “Hide all Scans”
  • Global Fine Registration: Option to change number of iterations


  • Camera: Improved Exposure slider (min/max depending on camera, more and reasonable steps for DAVID cams)
  • Camera: Switch off auto-exposure, RightLight(TM), auto-focus etc. by default
  • Camera: Improved handling and storing of Properties
  • Camera Calibration: Improved precision by reducing image noise
  • Camera Calibration: Support extended pattern (two more columns of markers on each side)
  • Show warning message when DAVID has no write access to store settings
  • Added default camera properties for Logitech C615
  • Added default camera properties for SL scanning
  • COM: Start command and Save message also work for SL scanning
  • Improved camera/video performance
  • Shapefusion: Improved alignment speed
  • Shapefusion: Improved sharpness of Fusion result
  • New Canon SDK version, should support more EOS models


  • Selection Tool: Fixed selection getting imprecise after some time
  • Fixed showing textured scan result (crashed in some cases)
  • Shapefusion: Fixed possible freeze in “Around Y-Axis” (or X or Z) mode
  • Show Depth Map immediately on Start
  • AutoFrequencies: Fixed rare bug leading to wrong Frequencies value
  • AutoFrequencies: Fixed freezing when user changes Frequencies value
  • SL: Immediately show red intensity curves when switching to SL mode
  • Scan lists: Fixed problem when list was longer than screen
  • Calib.scale: Check value and restore previous value only when necessary
  • Shapefusion: Fixed importing OBJs from ZBrush

2011-11-24: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.2.0

New Features:

  • SL: Project a setup pattern when in “Hardware Setup”, which allows adjusting orientation, distance, focus, brightness of camera and projector
  • SL: Improved default Advanced Settings values
  • SL: Parameter profiles “Default”, “High Quality”, “Fast” –> Usually no need to change Advanced Settings
  • SL: Automatically measure suitable “PatternHoldingTime” (Advanced Settings option “AutoPatternHoldingTime”)
  • SL: Automatically determine “Frequencies” based on projector and camera resolutions (Advanced Settings option “AutoFrequencies”)
  • SL: Project white light into scene for calibrating and grabbing texture, with separately configurable brightness
  • SL: Option “Auto grab texture”
  • SL: DAVID does not change camera properties by default (new Advanced Setting “EnableHandlingForStructuredLight”)
  • Shapefusion: Scan alignment with known rotation angle
  • Shapefusion: Show texture icon in List of Scans if scan has a texture
  • Shapefusion: New option “Remove Texture”
  • COM: Added outgoing Messages for SL
  • COM: Support for incoming Commands similar to DAVID 2
  • Camera Calibration: new Advanced Settings option “CalibrateExtrinsicsOnly”
  • Direct support for Canon EOS cameras (live mode only)


  • Improved performance for laser scanning (increased image grabbing and processing speed)
  • Moved selection of camera and SL Screen ID to HardwareSetup
  • SL: Pattern Projection topmost during scanning
  • Shapefusion: Forwarded scans are now named Scan_01, Scan_02, Scan_03…
  • Shapefusion: Selection Tool: Allow rotation and zooming between selecting and deleting
  • More convenient cam settings with newer Logitech cameras / drivers (where Properties window behaves differently - not modal)
  • New default camera settings for Logitech HD 910
  • Compatible to externally triggered cameras (won't freeze)
  • Faster SL scanning with pre-recorded image sequence (ImageGrabber ignores PatternHoldingTime)
  • Several improvements in performance, GUI comfort, tooltips etc…


  • SL: Fixed red intensity curves / blue borders
  • Motorscanning: Fixed AutoStop at the end of Repetition Scans
  • Fixed problem saving settings on some systems

2011-09-28: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.1.0

New Features:
- Implemented standard/non-inverse Coded Light mode (less patterns, increased SL speed).
- Added a slider for adjusting the SL projector brightness.
- More robust SL projector calibration and scan outlier removal.

- Remember and restore camera color format correctly.
- Fixed COM message StartScanningRepetition.

- Checkbox for auto run DAVID3.exe after installation and update.
- Reduces quantization artifacts in SL phase shift patterns for low brightness values.
- Calibration printouts also in PNG file format.

2011-09-28: What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 3.0

The changes in DAVID 3 vs. 2 are so numerous that we can not enumerate all in detail.
Just to name a few:
- Full integrated Structured Light (SL) that makes scanning faster and easier. For this method you can use a standard video projector instead of the line laser. The video projector is connected to the PC and DAVID 3 uses it to illuminate the object with several stripe patterns. Click “Start” - wait a few seconds - see 3D result on screen.
- A completely new user interface, which we think is more versatile, flexible, and beautiful.
- An integrated auto update.
- Improved memory handling → can handle more huge scans.

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.6.3

- Shapefusion 3D-Window: Fixed Polygon Selection

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.6.2

New features:
- Explicit support of blue lasers

- COM port DCD pin: Start Repetition scan if selected
- COM port: Avoid crash when error occurs

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.6.1

- Special treatment for “Logitech Webcam Pro 9000” (flip image issue)
- Avoid console window popping up on close

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.6

- Scale setting and Advanced Settings: Accept both period and comma as decimal separator
- More robust calibration of high-res cameras
- Made with vc9 compiler

- Fixed rare bug in Delauney Optimization which made parts of the surface disappear
- Fixed saving texture when resolution is not multiple of four
- Fixed saving a scan in Free Edition
- Fixed Greek translation
- Command File Interpreter: Allow filenames to include white spaces. Wrap them with “”!
- When closing, restore console window in which DAVID was called
- Fixed rare bug in reading license

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.5.5

- Save calibration and laser motion in higher precision
- Advanced Setting “MinLineIntegral” is now 40 by default (was 80)
- Advanced Setting “ScanStartDetectionMode” is now 0 by default (was 1)
- Cameras faster than 60 FPS possible
- Show small help lines in calibration image to help center the panels

- Fixed cosmetics in Manual Alignment
- Fixed minor issue with “use texture” button in Registration Dialog
- Fixed problem with whitespaces in MTL files when loading textured scans

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.5.4

- Improved memory usage of Simple Fusion
- More robust camera calibration with new “V3” pattern
- Improved “scan quality feedback” display
- New Advanced Setting “Method1_MinFittingFactor”

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.5.3

- Improved Texture Fusion robustness and texture merging
- New Advanced Settings for Texture Fusion
- Improved texture view in 3D Window

- Fixed display of background panels in 3D window
- Fixed Texture Fusion error caused by un-checked scans

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.5.2

- new Advanced Settings for individual poses of new “V3” calibration patterns

- Fixed scanning with image rotation (reference image issue)
- Fixed msvc*.dll issue
- Fixed rare issue with texture in 3D Window on some PCs

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.5.1

- Fixed “mirror” issue with Logitech camera

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.5

New features:
- Support for new calibration pattern “V3”

- COM port: Open and close immediately after change in AdvancedSettings
- Improved estimation of motor-driven laser rotation

- Saving with texture: don't complain about white spaces in folder names
- Fixed Progress Bar exception
- Load button on Laserscanner page disabled unless camera is calibrated
- Fixed un-combine
- Fixed estimation of linear laser motion
- Fixed de-allocation of memory after fusion

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.4.9

- Improved Texture Fusion so that result can be reduced better by Reduce Mesh Density

- Fixed Progress Bar
- Fixed “This shadow line” mode

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.4.8

- Slightly improved coarse and fine registration

- Fixed null pointer exception when clicking Save, then Cancel

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.4.7

- Added missing script commands “ReduceMesh” and “DelaunayOptimize”

- Camera compatibility issue since version 2.4.5 fixed

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.4.6

New features:
- Greek localization
- Support setups with rotated (upright) camera

- Added COM command “Close”
- Added warning about losing texture when saving combined scan as “all scans in separate files”
- Improved outlier/reflexion filter during scanning
- Warn when texture filename contains white-spaces

- Make sure the Progress Bar eventually disappears

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.4.5

- Fixed possible exception in texture fusion
- Fixed error in PNG texure loading

- Added progress info dialog
- Texture Fusion: interpolate border colors
- Camera List: Add unique ID to each camera name

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.4.4

New features:
- Support multiple image file formats for textures (BMP, GIF, EXIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF)
- Support Bayer color format (BY8)
- Shapefusion: Mesh Reduction: Reduce mesh density without losing edges

- Save texture as PNG instead of BMP
- Workaround for camera driver bug: Try to force camera to use the settings from previous session

- Fixed saving texture when using COM command “SaveScan”
- Corrected ToolTip of Combine button

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.4.3

- Replaced average smoothing by gauss smoothing that avoids bending of scan borders
- Open multiple files as command line parameters resp. by “Open with”
- Free Edition: Don't save single vertices
- Improved performance of 2D image dialogs
- Improved performance of Interpolate and Smooth filters on multicore CPUs
- Added EXPERIMENTAL structured light grabber
- Improved Shapefusion context menu:
→ allow selection of more than one item
→ changed order and added separator lines
→ new function Remove
→ new function Shrink
→ “combine” works on selected, not checked items

- Don't close 3D Window on Uncombine
- Fixed camera calibration for e.g. worm's-eye view
- Fixed possible crash when changing resolution
- Fixed enabling buttons after loading mesh in Laserscanner
- Don't erase scan data when video source changes but resolution remains the same

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.4.2

- Improved lens un-distortion in calculation of laser plane pose (method 1)
- More precise and robust calculation of laser plane pose (method 2)
- Allow display of camera image during scanning
- More robust camera calibration with stretched patterns

- Remember camera resolution and frame rate
- Eraser faster again
- Texture Fusion: fixed tiling of textures
- Solved problems when some DAVID files were write protected

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.4

New Features:
- Image Grabber which can load a sequence of multiple image files
- Video Grabber can load a sequence of multiple video files
- Start with default camera settings for known cameras
- COM-Port: Set pin 4 (DTR) high during scanning, or alternate
- COM-Port: Accept commands through COM
- COM-Port: More different messages sent through COM
- COM-Port: Start/stop scan triggered by pin 1 (DCD)
- Scanning Without Background: Can be based on 'single motor steps' instead of 'time'
- Auto-Stop

- New camera interface –> improved compatibility and speed
- Improved translation details
- Moved debug window setting from config.xml to Advanced Settings
- Prevent closing DAVID with the console window close button
- Remember debug console window position and size
- Polygon Selection Tool faster
- Shapefusion: Automatically remove empty scans after manual cleaning

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.3.4

New Features:
- Calibration: Show marginal error of calibration (green lines)
- Shapefusion: “Save all scans in separate files”
- Scanning Without Background: Use remembered laser poses (interpolated) to avoid “macro waves”
- Scanning Without Background: New Advanced Settings: “UseRememberedPlanePoses” and “UseModelOutsideReferenceRange”

- works again: Camera Calibration: Shows the markers that have been found even if calibration fails
- 3D Window: fixed problem with large objects (static→dynamic clipping planes)
- fixed display of average laser line width when at top image border

- Increased number of mesh colors in ShapeFusion (12→48)
- Warning when no write access to DAVID folder
- Fixed memory leak on camera calibration
- Better visibility of eraser mask during camera calibration
- Scanning Without Background: Allow Background Filter in Repetition Scans
- Improved scanning speed
- Improved texture fusion speed on multi-core CPUs

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.3.3

- Sending Newline commands over COM port

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.3.2

New Features:
- Scanning Without Background: New Advanced Settings value ScanStartDetectionMode
- Demo Mode (for experts only)

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.3

New Features:
- Send commands through serial port
- Show scan quality feedback in Scan Result window

- Apply filters when saving OBJ in Free Edition

- Added Russian and Spanish localizations
- Scanning Without Background: Changed behaviour; each time you click Start, DAVID assumes a new laser motion has begun; no need to click “Erase”

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.2.2

- Saving to STL: Fixed triangle normals and prevent possible crash

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.2.1

- Scanning Without Background: “Repetition” is now default setting
- Scanning Without Background: Prevent switching between “Reference” and “Repetition” during scanning
- More helpful error message when OpenGL window could not be opened

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.2.0

New Features:
- Convenient Windows installer / setup.
- Calibration: Improved robustness on low contrast images.
- Magnifying glass in live camera image (toggle with left mouse button).
- Laserscanner: More convenient and configurable depth image filtering.
- Laserscanner: Support of motor-driven scanning without background (must be activated in advanced settings. See documentation here: Scanning without background
- Shapefusion: New RMB Menu entry “Properties” showing dimensions etc. of a scan

- Read all files (license, advanced settings etc.) from application path.
- No more crash on successive call of Simple→Poisson→Simple Fusion.
- Fixed problem on successive call of Simple Fusion → mesh cleaning → Simple Fusion.
- Fixed rarely occuring bug in Texture Fusion.
- Fixed rarely occuring bug in Poisson Fusion.

- Added Polish localization
- Calibration: Much faster camera calibration.
- Laserscanner: 3D window of scan page hides when leaving scan page.
- Laserscanner: Do not open ShapeFusion's 3d window on “Forward”.
- 3D Window: Advanced Settings value for texture size

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.1c:

- Saving “All scans in one file” fixed

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.1b:

- Manual Cleaning Tool: Selection/Inversion/Deletion of visible scans only

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.1:

New Features:
- “Advanced Settings” dialog makes many parameters configurable.
- Camera Calibration: Shows the markers that have been found even if calibration fails.
- Laserscanner: Configurable pose of background planes (Advanced Settings).
- Laserscanner: Reduced “bad linkage” problem in Average filter.
- Shapefusion: New registration mode “Global Fine Registration”.
- Shapefusion: Improved robustness and precision of Fine Registration.
- Shapefusion: Undo and Redo for alignment steps.
- Shapefusion: Usage of texture for a more robust and accurate scan registration/alignment.
- Shapefusion: Ability to drag-and-drop multiple mesh files to the list of input scans.
- Shapefusion: Ability to drag-and-drop a single mesh file to the DAVID icon (obj file in command line).
- Shapefusion: Context menu command “Duplicate Scan”´.
- Shapefusion: Context menu command “Reset Pose”.
- Shapefusion: New function “Reflect on mirror planes” (for setups with mirrors)
- 3D Window: Inversion of selection (key 'I' and new button)
- 3D Window: Cancel selection with 'ESC'.
- Added Portuguese localization.

- MeshIO: No more freezing when loading an invalid file.
- MeshIO: Bugfix - no more saving of one single texture coordinate if scan has no texture.
- DAVID locates his files (config.xml, calibpoints.dat, mask.bmp) always in the executable's directory.

- Camera settings: Do not remember different settings for pan, tilt, zoom (values that must not change after calibration).
- Laserscanner: Background filter only filters around VISIBLE background plane parts.
- Shapefusion: Reduced memory usage allows to fuse scans with higher resolution.
- Shapefusion: Registration Form remembers window position.
- Shapefusion: Completed missing functions in Command File Interpreter.
- MeshIO: Waiting cursor when saving scans in Shapefusion.

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.0c:

- Bugfix: Saving of moved/rotated/aligned scans now in correct pose

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.0b:

- Camera control can be switched off

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 2.0:

New Features:
- Calibration: Changed layout of calibration printouts (smaller markers ⇒ higher accuracy)
- Camera settings: Three different camera setting presets (for calibration, scanning and texture grabbing) are saved and restored automatically.
- Laserscanner: New “Forward” button that transfers scans to Shapefusion.
- Laserscanner: Pseudocolored depth image with modifiable color gradients.
- Shapefusion: Manual cleaning tool. Select and delete triangles.
- Shapefusion: Texture fusion of multiple textured scans.
- Shapefusion: Increased maximal resolution for simple and poisson fusion.
- Shapefusion: Possibility to select multiple files for adding.
- Shapefusion: Context menu opens on right mouse button click at list of input scans. New context menu functions: “Remove All Scans”, “Un-combine”, “Invert Normals”, and “Remove Texture”
- OBJ-Files: Support of material (.mtl) files
- 3D-Window: Possibility to rotate around viewing axis (by clicking outside of the dotted circle).
- Localization: Support of German, Italian and French language.

- Laserscanner: Fixed problem with degenerated triangles when reloading a mesh
- Shapefusion: No more exceptions when simple fusion runs out of memory
- Shapefusion: Selected Registration Mode copied from RegistrationForm to Form1
- Shapefusion: Loading of third party textured OBJs with complicated texture coordinates possible
- Fixed crashes after loading video with different resolution and after cancelling the video selection dialog

- New GUI design
- 3D-Window: Improved appearance of scans and buttons.
- Laserscanner: Saving in free version reduced to maximal resolution of 320×200
- Shapefusion: Selection in 3D-Window changes selection in list of input scans
- Shapefusion: Warning when resolution exceeds 600.
- Shapefusion: Accelerated loading of scans.
- Shapefusion: Combined scans get name assembled from source scans

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 1.6b:

- Fixed mouse event problem that sometimes causes a software crash on closing
- Shapefusion: In some cases the texture was not visible after loading.
- Fixed RegistrationID problem that occured under some Windows Vista PCs
- Shapefusion/save mesh dialog: Correct naming of single scans in list
- Shapefusion/save mesh: possibility to save texture coordinates of singe scans

- Last user settings of 'Fast'-checkbox and fusion mode are restored after restarting.

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 1.6:

New Features:
- Calibration: Eraser tool with blue preview box, “Mask all”-Button, pale blue instead of white for eraser image areas.
- Scanning: Improved compensation of lens distortions while scanning.
- Scanning: “Fast” Mode for scanning (reduced scan result display update to 1 Hz).
- Shapefusion: Scan alignment mode “Rotation around axis” allows to specify a known angle of rotation (useful in conjunction with a turn table).
- Shapefusion: New checkboxes to switch visibility of scans on/off
- Shapefusion: Command File Interpreter (start .EXE with a command line parameter and read the 'out.log' file for getting help).

- Fixed Registration ID problem
- Correct display of calib points after restart of DAVID when scale factor is not 60.
- Fixed problem of eraser tool when mouse cursor leaves the camera window while pressing a mouse button.

- Depth image: pale shades of gray no longer used –> improved visibility of scanned regions
- Shapefusion: “Are you sure”-dialog for the “Arrange” button to avoid losing registration result

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 1.5:

New Features:
- Enhanced sub-pixel detection of laser-line and increased scanning accuracy.
- Alternative 'Poisson' mesh fusion method, which is more robust against inaccurate scan alignment and which gives water-tight results.
- “Combine”-Button for grouping/combining of multiple scans to one scan
- Pairwise fine registration is much faster.
- Possibility to save all scans in one file (without fusion step).

- Eraser problem when camera window was scaled up or down

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 1.4b:

New Features:
- Grab a texture and view your texturized model in 3D
- Buttons inside 3D-window (e.g. texture on/off, lights on/off…)
- STL export in DAVID-Shapefusion
- “Thin shadow line” mode for using cord shadow instead of laser
- Shows FPS in title of live camera window and scan result window

- Differentiation object vs. background now depending on calib.body scale
- No more “Trial” label if a license exists.

- Er showing dimensions etc. of a scan

- Read all files (license, advanced settings etc.) from application path.
- No more crash on successive call of Simple-ror message if .NET Framework is not installed
- Scanning from a pre-recorded video is faster
- Calibration printout in CorelDRAW 7 format (more compatible than V12)
- Icon in taskbar for all windows
- Help upgraded

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 1.3:

  • List of Scans: Allow changing order of scans by up/down buttons
  • List of Scans: Ctrl+S for ——————————————-

New Features:
- First release of DAVID-Shapefusion which allows to align and merge multiple scans to get a full 360 degree 3D model
- Possibility to reload the scanning results
- Undo button for undoing interpolation and filtering

- Conversion to Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

- No more problems with floating point numbers for calibration scale
- fixed video grabber bug that sometimes caused freezing after auto repeat

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 1.2:

- Fixed “invisible part problem” of dialog window
- No crash when using cameras with negative resolution

New Features for Input/Output:
- DV-Cameras / Camcorders should work now!
- Import of pre-recorded video files possible using “DAVID Video Grabber”.

- adapted to the new Internet Domain

What's New in DAVID-Laserscanner Version 1.1:

- last window position will be restored correctly, even if window was minimized.
- no crash when changing from lower to higher camera resolution –> no more crashes with SplitCam
- Live camera image doesn't freeze anymore at 100% cpu load
- Internal frame rate now depending on camera settings (–> lower cpu usage with slower cameras)

- Eraser Mode added (user “cleans” image, very useful :-))
- When calibration fails, you get a more detailed error description
- solved problem that has occured if some calibration points have touched the image border.
- Manual mode added (user shows DAVID the calibration markers by mouse)
- Added “Invert” toggle for bright markers on calibration patterns (Advanced Settings- new function Remove
- dark background

- When triangulation angle is too low, user gets a warning and measured values are ignored
- More warnings (no laser, laser too far left/right)
- Added radio buttons for green or red laser

- Save mesh: texture coordinates are now conform with the OBJ-specification.
- msvcr71d.dll is not used anymore
- 3D-Window: improved automatic camera adjustment.
- Online help: FAQ upgraded.
- config.xml: DEBUG flag added, set it to 1 to get a console window with debug messages.

is now 0 by default (was 1)
- Cameras faster than 60 FPS possible
- Show small help lines in calibration image to help center the panels

- Fixed cosmetics in Manual Alignment
- Fixed minor issue with image, very useful :-))
- When calibration fails, you get a more detailed error description
- solved problem that has occured if some calibration points have touched the image border.
- Manual mode added (user shows DAVID the calibration markers by mouse)
- Added

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