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The user manual for the previous DAVID Version 2.x can be found here.

The user manuals for our scanners are also available as PDF:
DAVID SLS-2: English, Deutsch, Chinese, Czech, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Turkish.
DAVID SLS-1: English, Deutsch.
DAVID Starter-Kit 2: English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Русский.
DAVID Starter-Kit 1: English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano. (contains a detailed description of laserscanning with the DAVID-Laserscanner software version 2.x)

DAVID 3.x User Manual Pages


The DAVID 3 window mainly consists of three parts:

On the left side you can see 5 expandable menus, which you will usually walk through from top to bottom:

  1. Hardware Setup: Choose what kind of setup you have, and choose and configure your camera (and projector)
  2. Calibration (for LASER scanning / for STRUCTURED LIGHT scanning): Calibrate your setup
  3. Texturing (optional): Take color texture shots for each scan
  4. Shape Fusion: Align and fuse several scans to one closed model

Hardware Setup Menu Camera Calibration Menu 3D Laser Scanning Menu Structured Light Menu Texturing Menu Shape Fusion Menu

2. Center 3D View

The 3D View in the center shows the 3D scanning scene, the live camera view, the scan result, or the collected scans during Shapefusion.


Current Scan View
This view shows DAVID's model of the scanning scene, always focussing on what is currently relevant. Additionally you can navigate freely using the mouse (left/right mouse buttons to move and rotate view, right-click to center view, mouse wheel for zooming etc) or you can use the “Fly to” buttons at the top to get standard views, e.g. the live camera view.


Collected Scans View
This view shows all collected or loaded scan results in one 3d view. It allows you to align and fuse them to a closed 360° model using the Shape Fusion Menu.

On the right side you can see 3-4 expandable menus, which show some additional informations and tools:

  1. Manual Motor Control (if a motorized setup was chosen)
  2. List of Scans
  3. Scan Properties
  4. Working Directory

Please continue with Laser Scanning or Structured Light Scanning.

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