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How to Upgrade your DAVID 2.x License to DAVID 3

If you already own an original DAVID 2 Professional license, you can upgrade it to DAVID 3 Pro for a low price.

Note: Upgrading is software/license installation only - no hardware will be shipped. You can not upgrade from a Single PC license to USB.

1. Install DAVID 3

  1. USB Edition only: Plug in your original DAVID USB key.
  2. Download and run the DAVID 3 setup installer from the top of this page. Choose “Update USB” if you have an original DAVID USB key. Otherwise, install DAVID 3 on the same PC on which you have a licensed DAVID 2.x installation.
  3. At the end of the installation, you will be offered to Upgrade your license. If you don't, you can run DAVID 3 as Free Edition and upgrade later.

2. Purchase Upgrade Code

Please visit this page to purchase your Upgrade Code, or contact your local reseller.

You will receive an Upgrade Code that looks like this: 12345-D2T3PRO-12345678-ABCDEF

3. Upgrade Your License

For upgrading, your computer requires an Internet connection.

  1. USB Edition only: Plug in your original DAVID USB key.
  2. If you haven't done that yet, install DAVID 3 (see step 1 above).
  3. Start the Upgrader from within DAVID 3: In the Help menu, choose “License info”, then click the Upgrade button. The Upgrader may require admin rights.
  4. Fill all info into the License Upgrader window.
  5. Click “Start Upgrade”.

If you experience any problems, please send us an e-mail!

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