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Sales Questions

Where can I order your products?

Please order from one of our resellers in your country or directly in our online shop.

Online Shop

How long does it take to ship the products?

In Germany it takes 1-2 days. You can find the shipping time to other countries at UPS.

How much does it cost to ship the products?

Please find the shipping costs in our shop here.

Can you offer express delivery?

Yes, please contact us directly about that.

Can I use another shipping company?

Normally we work with UPS and GLS. It is possible to ship by another company, but this must be arranged by the customer.

I would like to pay tax-free. What do I need to do?

It is necessary to add your VAT number (VATIN) during the registration, or inform us by e-mail. Please use the full VAT number (incl. the two-letter code of the country you live in).

Do you offer discount for students / universities?

Yes we offer 10% discount. Please send us a message.


Can I get a variation of your scanner kit (like different camera, without laser...)?

Not as such. But you can order most hardware+software components separately. If you send us a message with your requirements, we can recommend a suitable setup. Please include type of object/surface to scan, required resolution, targeted use for 3D data, and possibly other requirements like scanning time, environment, budget…

Is it possible to order the calibration patterns for objects bigger than 500 mm?

No. But the calibration patterns are included as PDF and CDR files in the DAVID software and USB version. You can find them in the subfolder “printout”. You can print them scaled to any size, so that the pattern size fits to the object you want to scan.
The pattern must be scaled equally in all directions. The center positions of all markers is important, DAVID does not measure their size. Please see the user manual for more information.

What is the difference between coating spray and whiting spray?

The coating spray creates a thinner and flatter layer.

Are your products injurious to health, e.g. dangerous to the eyes?

No, our products are not injurious to health.
Laserscanning: Our lasers appertain to class 1 and are certificated according to DIN EN 60825-1:2008-05. However we recommend not to look directly into the laser light, and to keep the eyes closed when scanning a face.
Structured-Light-Scanning: We use a video projector and which is not dangerous for your health. However we recommend not to look directly into the projector beam.

Can your projector also be used for presentations or watching movies?

Yes. The projector was originally designed for these tasks. Our special optics (extended focus range) has no disadvantage.

I would like to get your products for test. Is it possible?

Sorry, please understand that our low prices do not allow us to offer free testing. Please tell us your requirements (object size, surface, required resolution…), we can recommend the right hardware and explain the possibilities and limits.

How can I upgrade my DAVID 2 license to a DAVID 3.x Pro?

Please purchase an Upgrade Code here. It will be sent to you by e-mail after receipt of payment. Then please follow this simple Upgrade procedure.


Is it possible to order the components of the SLS-2 separately?

It is possible to order software, projector, camera, calibration panels. Tripod and mounting rack will be available soon.

What is the contents of the SLS-2 package?

  • Industrial camera with focusable lens
  • Video projector with special lens for large focus range
  • Mounting rack with flexible configuration options
  • Tripod for stable setup
  • Calibration panels (different sizes) for multiple scan volumes
  • USB drive with DAVID-Laserscanner Pro Edition software
  • All required cables

Is the camera monochrome or color?

The SLS-2 camera is monochrome, which is advantageous for 3D scanning. However the SLS-2 can still capture COLOR textures! DAVID uses the color projector to measure the reflectivity for different colors on the object surface.

How many USB ports do I need?

You need two available USB ports. One for the camera, the other one for the DAVID USB key (for licensing).

What is the difference between a standard projector and the DAVID Structured Light projector?

The DAVID Structured Light projector is a standard projector but with specifically modified optics for an extended focus range. It gives the opportunity to scan small objects because it can focus to “screen” sizes starting at 50 mm (up to “infinity”).

What is the weight and size of the box?

Weight: 8.7kg. Size: 632 x 342 x 218mm.


I have the David Starter Kit DL-SET01. What do I need to upgrade to Structured Light 3D Scanner?

You need to buy at least a video projector which will replace the laser. Also you will need DAVID version 3.x. Recommended is our projector with special lens for large focus range, a tripod for stable setup, and an industrial camera with a high-quality lens. The SLS-2 contains all of this.

What is the difference between SLS-2 and Starter-Kit?

Both technologies, Laser Scanning (LS) and Structured Light Scanning (SLS), can provide excellent results. However, LS will never reach the speed and mobility (in case of laser moved by hand) of SLS. Other features (like accuracy) depend on the used hardware.
The comparison table on this page might help you make your choice. Also please take a look at our Hardware FAQ.

How can I become your reseller? What conditions do you offer?

We have a special contact platform for our resellers. Please fill in your details so we can easily publish them on our website (contact page / world map) and you will receive inquiries directly from customers.
Please proceed here: Reseller Registration. After your registration and our approval you can download actual price list and other information material.

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