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Making a 3D PDF

1. Download and install Daz Studio and the photoshop Bridge plugin

2. Download and install Basic Miktex.

3. Download my U3D2PDF Batch file with winclip Unzip the folder anywhere you want. You could send to desktop as shortcut.

4. Import .obj file into Daz studio and export U3D

5. Drag your U3D file onto U3D2PDF. Miktex will run and ask you to install movie15.sty,everyshi.sty and fp.sty1. You will need to be connected to the internet so the installer can download the files. Pdflatex will run 3 times to get rid of the movie15 warnings. Acrobat reader will then start and you need to click the link on the page and copy the text from the popup java window. This will be pasted automatically when you close acrobat reader. Pdflatex will again run 3 times.

6. You will be asked if you want to add more views, Name views with notepad or finish. Choosing to add more views will open up acrobat reader again where You can then move your model into a good position, click the link and copy the text from the popup java window. If you want your views to have names now you can go to the begining of the text in the popup java window and type what you want to call the view between brackets like this [Left side]

Reselect the whole thing, copy and exit acrobat reader. Or you can choose Name views with notepad and notepad will open your views.vws file. You then can type in your view's name in brackets before the “{” on each view. Now save and close. You can add and name as many views as you want until you choose finish from the prompt. Pdflatex will again run 3 times.

7. Notepad will open with your .tex file. You can now edit it to your liking. You can change title, author and description or add more options. movie15 package options can be found here: Save and close notepad (DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME OR LOCATION OF FILE). Pdflatex will again run 3 times and then open your pdf.

8,When you close your pdf you will asked if you want to delete the tex files. You may want to keep them if you plan on editing it later. Deleting erases everything except your final.pdf which you can rename to whatever you want.

Here is an example I made final.pdf

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