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The Videoscan software is a small tool written in C# for generating a white scan line with a videoprojector.

Main features are :

  • fully integrated with DAVID-Laserscanner via com0com
  • moving horizontal line generation
  • main screen dimmer to prevent scene parasitic lighting
  • automated multiple-scans
  • external scene light driving via the DTR line of a serial port

This software is completely inspired from Magweb's “linescan3” (see Magweb page).

I have written this new software because I wanted to automate the scan of my head with multiple angles in one session !

The setup of DAVID-Laserscanner and com0com is the same as for “linescan3”.

Videoscan can be downloaded here : (This in now a ClickOnce deployment with automatic software update)

NOTE, by Mattia:

If you have 64Bit O.S., like Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7, the file com0com.sys will not load by default.
To be able to scan with VideoScan, after the com0com installation, open your Windows' “Run” command or the DOS Prompt, and enter this command:
bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON
After, reboot your computer.
Now you are able to use VideoScan with David Laser Scanner.

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