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Manual Cleaning Tool

The 3D-Window of DAVID-Shapefusion allows you to manually clean 3d meshes with your mouse, i.e. remove unwanted surface parts like outliers or fixture/base of a scanned object.

  1. Import the mesh(es) into DAVID-Shapefusion.

    In this example, we want to remove the data under the bunny's paws. They are part of the box that has been placed under the bunny during scanning.

  2. Use your mouse to rotate and move the view such that the desired and undesired surface parts do not occlude each other.

  3. Rotate the view around the viewing axis such that the border between desired and undesired surface parts becomes horizontal or vertical. You can do this by pressing and holding the right mouse button close to the window's border (outside the white circle).

  4. Press the select button OR press “X” on your keyboard OR press and hold the Shift key. Now you can draw a rectangle by pressing and holding the left mouse button. Draw the rectangle around the surface part that you want to remove.

    Then release the mouse button and the Shift key.

    The selected surface will be drawn in red, but not deleted yet. If you are not satisfied with your selection, you can repeat the previous steps.

  5. If you really want to remove the red surface part(s), press the delete button or the Del key on your keyboard.
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