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DAVID 2.x Shapefusion Context Menu

On the Shapefusion page, you can click on a scan name in the list with the right mouse button.

These function are for special application. All functions effect the loaded meshes, but will not change anything on your hard disc. The most important function may be “Reduce Mesh Density”.

Reset to Initial Pose

Restores the scan's original position and orientation, un-doing its alignments.

Duplicate Scan

Creates a copy of the scan and adds it at the end of the list.


If this scan is a combination of several scans (made with the Combine button), you can separate them again.


Smooths the triangle mesh. This reduces noise but also edges and other distinct features. Can be applied repeatedly.


Removes triangles that are at the border of the scan. Can be applied repeatedly.

Invert Normals

Each triangle has a “front” and a “back” side, resp. “inner side” and “outer side” of an objects surface. This function inverts the sides. This can be useful if you want to use the Registration to align scans of a broken part at the area of fracture: Invert one scan, align, then invert back.

Reflect on Mirror Planes

Special function for setups with mirrors that are used to scan the object from three sides at one time. Please see here: Scanning with mirrors

Remove Texture

If the scan has a texture, you can remove it.

Reduce Mesh Density

Reduces the number of triangles. Preserves edges and mainly reduces the density where the mesh is plain. Significantly reduces the file size. If you want to apply this to your Fusion result, you will have to save the fused mesh, then load it again in Shapefusion, then apply Reduce Mesh Density, then save again. It is a good idea to reduce meshes with this function before using them in on-line presentations like Mesh2Flash.

Delaunay Optimization

Changes the triangle structure so that longish triangles are replaced by more equilateral triangles. This function is also used by Reduce Mesh Density.


Remove the scan from the list.


Shows some info about the scan (dimensions, number of vertices and triangle, texture resolution).

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