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Hello, I´m Gunter

Once I´ve started

with a 10.00€ cam an a laser spirit level from the German discounter “Aldi”:


(perhaps you recognice a simple candle in the wind of camnoice)

Recent Works

drago.jpg golden_clown.jpg black_knight.jpg t-rex.jpg fairy.jpg red_dragon.jpg hand.jpg saint.jpg elisabeth.jpg

clicking the pics will lead you to animated flash-views

Current work

morisk.swfbutton.jpg textured scan of a wooden sculpture

lion_brass.swfbutton.jpg textured scan of a brass sculpture

bathsheba.swfbutton.jpg 2 combined scans of humans

lady.swfbutton.jpg scan of a woman

lionman.swfbutton.jpg High res scan of a 125mm toy sculpture

sheep2.swfbutton.jpg SL scan of a 130mm high deco sculpture

shield2.swfbutton.jpg SL scan of a shield replica

trygon.swfbutton.jpg SL scan of a Warhammer model

My Hardware


It´s a Mac (leopard) running XP via bootcamp


Quickcam Pro9000 (scanning at 15fps), Phillips SPC900NC


-5mW Picotronic redline, focusable

-5mW Picotronic greenline, focusable

-Microprojector 3M MPro110


variable constructions with stepperdriven rotation of two or more lasers and the object:

See videos of my working system dlscan and dlstage

possibilities.jpg microscan.jpg



-Some comparisons of soft- and hardware: DAVIDvsML

-Some example meshes and other stuff to play with: examples

-Some downloads:Downloads

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